An affiliate of the Massachusetts Teachers Association


The Central Massachusetts Collaborative Union (CMCU), represents full time and regular part-time teachers, librarians, registered nurses, counselors (guidance & adjustment), school psychologists, board certified behavioral analysts, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech language therapists, other professional staff members, and full time and regular part-time instructional assistants and speech language pathologist assistants employed by Central Massachusetts Collaborative (CMC), but excluding all managerial, confidential, and casual employees of CMC. You can find pertinent local, state and federal educational information on this site. 

Mission Statement

We, the members of CMCU, in order to fulfill our responsibilities to society and to our profession, do hereby adopt the following:

  1. To work for the welfare of school children, the advancement of education, and the improvement of instructional opportunities for all.
  2. To develop and promote the adoption of such ethical practices, personnel policies, and standards of preparation and participation as mark a profession.
  3. To unify and strengthen the professions of teachers and support personnel and to secure and maintain their salaries, retirement, personal and sick leave, and other working conditions.
  4. To enable members to speak with a common voice on matters pertaining to the professions of teachers and support personnel and to present their individual and common interests before the School Board and other legal authorities.
  5. To accomplish any other goals consistent with the purposes and general laws of the Commonwealth.